Trying to do everything won't give you the attention to detail your music career deserves.

A concept was floated in the music and record industry a few years back called Artist Development.

The idea was simple. Labels would sign an artist that they loved or they believed in, artists who were at the beginning of their career but still had not completely figured it out. It was a budding romance that very quickly soured when the results weren't achieved. Both parties quickly realised it wasn't about was about results. There was no middle ground and artists were dumped quickly for the next big thing.

Unfortunately it had less to do with Artist Development and more to do with making money from record sales. But things have changed!

The whole artist development infrastructure that had worked for years has gone through a massive transformation. Radio Exposure, sync deals, music sales are still there but now they are coupled with social media, online presence, youtube, blogs, Spotify and Apple Music.

There's a whole new infrastructure of artist development on the Web today and that is where we come in. We can take care of as much or as little as you would like, depending on your budget.

We have worked with artists on increasing newsletter fan bases, exposing new music videos to social media, helping deliver albums to the digital retailers.

Our focus is less about the music you create and more about the development of your real product...yourself.

Every artist is unique so we want to speak with you to find out what you need. Our first half hour consultation is totally free while we figure out what you need in Artist Development.

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