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Fiona Kernaghan – The Art of Being

fiona kernaghan

We first met Fiona Kernaghan at a Joss Jaffe house concert. Coming from a long line of country music singers in Australia, Fiona was different in that she had gravitated towards pop/folk on her first albums. Her new album was however another step beyond that as she endeavoured to capture her understanding of spirituality on the record The Art of Being. Beautifully done, the music had elements of Indigo Girls, as it examined what it meant to really be part of this world.

We were originally going to release the single "Sing Your Prayers" to radio however we felt that the title track had a more folk - Triple A feel. The result was a success with 49 radio stations choosing to add the song to their playlists and shows including the Echoes radio show which was syndicated across 150 radio stations. We then followed up with a Noisetrade database campaign generating 350 new fans for her newsletter database.


Fiona Kernaghan


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April 2016

Radio Release

Triple A & Non-Commercial - US


Single downloaded and played by 199 radio stations