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January 20, 2018
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January 20, 2018
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Joss Jaffe – Dub Mantra Sangha


Joss Jaffe came a bit left of field. We had heard of him through Dave Stringer and then suddenly on the scene appeared Joss with an album that absolutely took our breath away. Not only did he have a really cool style, he had called on all his Kirtan friends, some really big names, to help him on the record. Songs like Jai uttal, Donna DeLory, Suzanne Sterling, Wah!, Shimshai, Dave Stringer and Grammy winner Mykal Rose.

Rather than seperate the songs and try to nominate singles we offered the whole album to radio and hit the Australian and New Zealand markets. The results were impressive with over 185 downloads and 150 direct radio imports into their programming systems. The biggest two downloads were Elohim featuring Shimshai and Mykal Rose, and Moola Mantra with Dave Stringer.


Joss Jaffe


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January 2016

Radio Release

All Radio - Australia/NZ


185 Radio Downloads